Meet our Team

Journalism Club!

The journalism club is a club created by no other than Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Pagakis. We write about all sorts of topics, such as news, what’s going around the school, and out of school topics. The journalism club meets every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch, and Wednesday mornings. The purpose of this club is to tell and give information about all your favorite topics. Read on to learn all about the members of the journalism club.


Lily is a junior wildcat volleyball player. She was a part of the Marie Murphy volleyball team and is currently in the Maire Murphy book club. She has a little sister (Maddie), and is a learning and active student. Lily wants to make journalism club a better, and well-known club.



Stella has been dancing for seven years and is now a competitive Dancer at a company called KDC. Stella has a little brother (Jonah) and two pitbulls

(Hank and Rue). She’s in journalism because she wants to hear what’s new and tell everyone else.



Ashley is a FC United  soccer player. She has been playing soccer for 8 years. She plays for the MM soccer team. Ashley has 2 siblings (Amy and Andrew) and has 2 birds and 6 fish (Birds: Skittles and Sky) (Fish: Francesco, Batman Jr., Orangy, Orangina, Fanta, and Sushi). She joined Journalism Club to be a photographer, and she loves it.



Ella is a soccer player. She’s been playing for seven years. She has a pet           gecko. Ella joined Cross Country. She has a little brother, Aaron and an older brother, Ryan. She joined Journalism club because she likes writing and likes to write stories.


Ian Played Soccer for three years. Ian currently is playing lacrosse for Team One Lacrosse Club and North Shore United lacrosse Club. He enjoys writing for his lacrosse article. Ian also has a older sister and a younger brother. He has had a whole bunch of pets throughout his life and has moved five times, But now only has one dog named Callie.

Madeline A

Madeline A likes playing soccer and tennis. She has a younger brother and sister, and a bernedoodle named Monty. She joined the journalism club because she likes writing.



Olivia is funny and nice and she wears glasses. Also, she likes chicken nuggets and curly fries. Olivia Ty does Ice skating and she does Roots and shoots and choir.



Rian does competitive rhythmic gymnastics. She got second place when she tried for the first time. She also does art club in and cooking club at Marie Murphy! Rian Has a brother named Ruon.


Denise is a former competitive swimmer for about 3 years and now has shifted towards volleyball, she has a very very loud joyful beagle named Leyla. Denise used to play soccer for 6 years then stopped last year.


Madeline S

Madeline is A gymnast at Viking Gymnastics. She just started her fourth year of competing.  She is a level 7 and would like to move up. She would like to get a gymnastics scholarship to UCLA. She has an older sister who plays hockey and soccer. She joined journalism club because she enjoyed working on the school newspaper at Avoca and wanted to do it again.



Kaci likes to write in her free time, and she likes to draw. She is a part of Marie Murphy’s Junior Varsity basketball team, and joined the journalism club because she likes to edit others’ work.