Breaking News and an Interview with Mrs. Sabatini

Written By Junlin Z; Edited By Ivanah R

The beloved art teacher of Marie Murphy school will start her new journey as a mother. We hope that she will have a lifetime of joy when the newest member of her family arrives. Ms.Sabatini have given so much to this school, and in return we hope she enjoys motherhood. Below are a short Q&A from Ms.Sabatini.

1.So how long ago did you find out that you were pregnant?

Over Thanksgiving break. November.

  1. What was your reaction when you found out that you were pregnant?

Surprised, and happy

  1. Would you prefer a girl or a boy?

A girl

  1. What would you name your child?

Boys- all with Js

Girls-All with Es

  1. What are your plans after the baby is born?

Find daycare, change guest room into a nursery, spend more time at home.

  1. What do you see 5 years from now?

I’ll have a five year old, or having a another kid, and hopefully still teach art. And hopefully my parents will help out.

  1. What traits of the baby do you want from you or your husband?

If it’s a boy, I hope it is tall, my artistic skills, my husband’s chill personality.

  1. What if your kid is nothing like you or your husband?

That would be really weird.

  1. What do you hope the baby will hope to like when it starts to see more of the world?

The good in world and the skills to work through challenges.

  1. What is going to be your first bedtime story?

Love you forever by Robert Munsch or Giving Tree Shel Silverstein

  1. How do you plan to bond with your child?

Reading, art, sports, games.

  1. Where would you go for your annual vacation spot?

A lake house where relatives would go and spend time together.

  1.  How many kids do you want?

My husband grew up with 4. I grew up with a sister and a brother. So probably three, a boy first, a girl second, and then I don’t care.


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