Languages Around the World

Written By Lucas G. & Lily E.

Watch this video BEFORE reading the article to learn how to pronounce the characters on the IPA chart:

Languages are interesting to us because it just fascinates us how people are able to come up with all the characteristics of languages. The creativity is inspiring. Here are the sites that we’ve gotten all our information from:

Native American Languages Part 1

Algonquian Languages

Most Algonquian languages don’t have all of the five vowels that English has. Most of them have only four basic ones, which are usually /a/, /e/, /i/, and /o/. Some of these languages have long versions of these vowels too, which are just pronounced for a longer period of time. An example of this is the Fox (Meshkwahkihaki) language, which uses a circumflex accent on top of the four vowels to make them long. Down below is the Fox alphabet:

On the chart, the characters that look like colons after the letters (in brackets) mean that they are pronounced longer. In Algonquian, grave accents are used instead of the circumflex accents in Fox. Other languages like this include Atikamekw, Chippewa, Cree, and Miami. An exception of these Algonquian languages is Cheyenne, which only has the vowels /a/, /e/, and /o/. Also, there is Blackfoot, which only has the vowels /a/, /i/, and /o/. Another exception of the Algonquian languages is Arapaho, which only has the vowels /e/, /i/, /o/, and /u/. Arapaho is probably one of the most spoken Algonquian languages. Incase you were wondering why the name Arapaho has the /a/ in it even though the alphabet doesn’t have it, is because the Native American name for it is Hinóno’eltíít. Like Fox, another Algonquian language that uses circumflex accents for long vowels is Montagnais, except it doesn’t have a long /e/, and it has an /u/ instead of an /o/.

Caddoan Languages

So far, there are only four Caddoan languages, which are Arikara, Caddo, Pawnee, and Wichita. The Caddoan languages don’t really have very many similarities with vowels, because they all have different sets of them. Wichita has four vowels: /a/, /e/, /i/, and /u/. It also has long vowels. Arikara is the only one that has five vowels: /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, and /u/. All of the languages have long vowels, where the vowel is written twice together, for example: /aa/. You can visit Omniglot to learn more about these languages.


Persian is spoken by many in the Middle East. Primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Russia. Adding on, the native name for Persian is فارسی (Farsi.) Persian is one of the oldest languages. Old Persian has been around since 300 BC. The first form of Farsi began with cuneiform. Adding on, the Persian alphabet has many more letters and sounds than the English alphabet. Therefore, the Persian alphabet is more formal, but it is complex. In conclusion, the Persian language is one of the many Middle Eastern languages.


Middle Eastern Languages

Middle Eastern languages have some other letters with sounds that are different from English. Persian, Assyrian, Urdu, and Arabic are all Middle Eastern languages. These languages nearly have the same alphabets. Persian has thirty-two letters in the alphabet and script, written from right to left. The Arabic alphabet has twenty-eight letters, and is written from right to left. Also, languages that use the Persian alphabet, have different forms of letters: initial, medial, final, and isolated/separate. All in all, these languages have similar pronunciations and spelling.

Top 10 YA Book Recommendations!

Article Written and Edited by Lauren S. and Ivanah R.

Greetings my fellow mature readers! Today, we bring you our recommendations for the best YA must-reads this year! (These books vary in genre.)

  1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: Red Queen is the fantastical story about Mare Barrow, a girl who lives in a world that discriminates against her because of her blood. Through a televised incident, Mare is forced to play the role of a long lost princess. She then must choose between Maven, whom she is betrothed to, and Cal, the seemingly perfect one. A story that shows the consequences of misplaced loyalty, and the value of trust, through a twisted and mysterious plot… Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen is a book you won’t want to miss out on.


  1. Anything Sarah Dessen: Sarah Dessen is such a wonderful author. She’s really good at writing up a good romance novel. If you’re ever looking for a book questioning the bigger things, like soulmates and destiny, then pick any of her books up!


  1. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare: Set in New York City, Clary Fray heads out to the club, only to realize that it was probably a bad idea. She witnesses a murder; this murder isn’t a normal murder, though, but instead one enacted by teenagers covered in glowing tattoos and freaky weapons. This is the first, but not last, of the numerous encounters she has with the Shadowhunters.This is the first, but not last, of the numerous encounters she has with the Shadowhunters.


  1. The Selection by Kiera Cass: In a chance of a lifetime, thirty-five girls try to escape the life assigned at birth, into one of gowns and jewels. To fight for the heart of the Prince. But for one, America Singer, being Selected ruins her choice. She must turn her back on the man she loves, a man who is a caste below her, after being selected to fight in this competition. Will she be ruined from this endeavor, or grow stronger? Love the priceless prince, or the man of her hometown heart?


  1. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell: Two misfits; one extraordinary love. Eleanor, a funky girl with red hair and wrong clothes, who seems to make everyone else seem less in comparison with her love. Park, who knows Eleanor will love a song before he plays it. He laughs at all her jokes. Over the course of a school year, two star-crossed sixteen-year-olds know they are smart enough to know first loves never last, but brave and desperate enough to try.


  1. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys: A story told through multiple perspectives, Salt to the Sea is historical fiction set in the winter of 1945 in Europe. Thousands travel to the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that will take them to safety and freedom. There will be betrayal, broken promises, and lost friends. Find out who survives in Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepety.


  1. Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier and Anthea Bell: Set in Europe, everything seems normal. Well, as normal as Gwyneth can get when she lives with her special cousin, Charlotte. Charlotte always gets everything: attention from her family and teachers, the ability to learn amazingly quick (it could almost be a superpower), and, oh yeah, her actual superpower. The time-traveling gene, that allows for her to go back in time. Everyone is amazed by Charlotte until Gwyneth realizes someone’s grave mistake. It isn’t Charlotte’s gene, but hers. And when she realizes it, she’s already had a weird experience. For, on one of her first trips back in time, she saw her döppelganger kiss an amazingly handsome boy. But, what comes out of it when she’s thrown into a life she was never told to have; that her amazing cousin was supposed to have? Read along to find out.


  1. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: This is just so good. Starr, an African-American girl who’s grown up in the hood, and been educated in a “rich, white kid school,” is conflicted. With two personas, “the hood girl” and the “school black girl,” she doesn’t know who she is. So when her best friend is shot in front of her eyes, she’s thrown into conflict. Does she speak up?


  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han: Lara Jean, a romantic, writes letters to her crushes to help her get over them. But when these letters escape her box and end up in the hands of those guys, all heck breaks loose. And even though this seems like the most embarrassing situation, especially when one of them is addressed to her sister’s boyfriend, you never know what good things can come out of a bad situation.


  1.  Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas: What can we say about this? The author has written this series so well–it’s absolutely impossible to put down. The story follows Celaena, who is an assassin in the land’s most perilous prison. After surviving a year in the salt mines or Endovier, she is chosen to compete in a contest; a contest for thieves, assassins and your average crook. The contest is for the position of the king’s assassin. It’s your “average” contest, until contestants start turning up dead. Who’s next? And can Celaena Sardothien beat them all? Or even survive? Find out in Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass.

Breaking News and an Interview with Mrs. Sabatini

Written By Junlin Z; Edited By Ivanah R

The beloved art teacher of Marie Murphy school will start her new journey as a mother. We hope that she will have a lifetime of joy when the newest member of her family arrives. Ms.Sabatini have given so much to this school, and in return we hope she enjoys motherhood. Below are a short Q&A from Ms.Sabatini.

1.So how long ago did you find out that you were pregnant?

Over Thanksgiving break. November.

  1. What was your reaction when you found out that you were pregnant?

Surprised, and happy

  1. Would you prefer a girl or a boy?

A girl

  1. What would you name your child?

Boys- all with Js

Girls-All with Es

  1. What are your plans after the baby is born?

Find daycare, change guest room into a nursery, spend more time at home.

  1. What do you see 5 years from now?

I’ll have a five year old, or having a another kid, and hopefully still teach art. And hopefully my parents will help out.

  1. What traits of the baby do you want from you or your husband?

If it’s a boy, I hope it is tall, my artistic skills, my husband’s chill personality.

  1. What if your kid is nothing like you or your husband?

That would be really weird.

  1. What do you hope the baby will hope to like when it starts to see more of the world?

The good in world and the skills to work through challenges.

  1. What is going to be your first bedtime story?

Love you forever by Robert Munsch or Giving Tree Shel Silverstein

  1. How do you plan to bond with your child?

Reading, art, sports, games.

  1. Where would you go for your annual vacation spot?

A lake house where relatives would go and spend time together.

  1.  How many kids do you want?

My husband grew up with 4. I grew up with a sister and a brother. So probably three, a boy first, a girl second, and then I don’t care.


Staying Gold

Written By: Lily Ekhtera 

Edited By: Leeli Jackson

The seventh graders have read the heartwarming and as equally heart wrenching book, The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. Hinton brought us deep into the souls of the socs and greasers. We saw everything through their eyes. At the end of the story, the poem Stay Gold by Robert Frost was incorporated. I have written a poem behind the meaning of gold, in Stay Gold.


When we are young,

We are gold
Gold is pure
It had lured us to the pureness of Candor

Although death is hard to behold,

You must stay gold
We witnessed the sunsets
in our youth

Can’t we stay, in that golden youth?

The Fall of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Terrorist in the South

[The long-overdue sequel to Rikki Tikki Tavi, by Rudyard Kipling. Written by me, Anna Stromberg. Edited/proofread by Leeli Jackson.]

Forward: This story was originally written for an assignment to make an ending for the story, “Rikki Tikki Tavi”. Upon finishing the story, Maggie and I (Anna Stromberg) have decided to make a sequel. None of the characters (Except for Cleo) belong to us, and all credit goes to the original author of Rikki Tikki Tavi—Rudyard Kipling. This story will make much more sense if you have read the story. Enjoy!


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, dubbed ‘vicious killer in the south’ by many modest snakes, had yet to realize what horrible things he had done… How much pain he had caused. With every single kill, young or old, he always thought to himself,

They are only snakes! The vermin down below that threaten many just lives like my own. I am doing a favor to the world as I rid them from my territory…’ dismissing every second thought, every glimpse of righteous instinct. Although mongeese aren’t  inherently friendly towards snakes, they only kill for food. They don’t usually wipe out entire nests of snakes, or become so attached to humans. Alas, Rikki’s friends always cheered him on, poisoning his perspective. Skittish themselves, having grown up in the hospitality of a human-tended garden. Always jumping at every misplaced leaf (let alone snakes that have hungry families waiting). Nagaina had valiantly fought with Rikki in her dying den. The horrid mongoose had already killed her mate and around 25 unborn children in less than a hour. None are sure if she is alive, and she was deemed dead. Rikki had emerged from the hole, barely a scratch on him, claiming her death. His foolish friends idolized him, boasting all around that nothing could stop him. It was all they could do to believe, and scurry off. All means of safety were gone. Nagaina, dead or alive, would search for revenge among the outbacks, hoping to redeem what was taken from her at all costs.


Nagaina coughed, blinking in the dust and carnage. A terrible sadness filled her once more. She had lay there, seemingly forever, hoping, praying, that all was gone. Perhaps hoping that she was dead, no, she had to be alive. She would get revenge. Rage boiled in her heart. She rose up, scanning the ruin of her burrow. It was unusable, not to mention depressing to be in. She slithered out into the night, cautious of every twitching leaf. The shrieking calls of a shrike filled the air, making Nagaina shiver. Slinking out of the garden, she thought back to all of the rumors of Secretary Birds, spotted moving in from the north.

“Now, the name doesn’t sound like much, but once you see one of ‘em in person, it is sure to terrify the most noblest of desert-dwellers,” the snakes would say, claiming of birds nearly as big as humans. Lesser known to the population, they were disregarded as a mere fantasy. But well-respected snakes would describe their vicious beak, and precise hunting skills even a mongoose would envy. Elegant, grey and black, with tall legs immune to a snake’s fangs. They would tell stories of them, wide-eyed and truthfully as ever.

“Perhaps they could kill a mongoose, as well…”, Nagaina muttered quietly to herself, “and of course, Rikki, spoiled by his humans, would have never encountered one of these marvelous birds…” she looked up at the sky, dull light gleaming off of her black scales. Everyone thought she was dead. Rikki had probably killed countless other snakes by now… Judging by the distinctive tracks—rattlesnakes, sidewinders, mambas, cobras, kingsnakes—others had fled the garden sanctuary. All in the same direction, she noted. She would go there later, knowing of the group forming down below. Plans were set in place long before she hatched, back when rats ruled the land. Nagaina resisted the urge to tell everyone she was alive and well… Oh, how heartbroken they will be… But I must stay hidden, if my plan is to work…She thought sadly, sighing to herself. Nagaina knew it was necessary, though. She had a job to do: finding one of those birds.


As Nagaina slithered along in the baking heat of noon, she formed a plan. She was a snake, obviously. One of the main food sources of the Secretary birds. That was a negative, considering that once found, she had to convince one of these birds to help her. She thought back to what was a little more than a mere day ago. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, an astoundingly vicious mongoose, had helped to kill her fine husband, Nag. He had gone out to find food for their children, soon to hatch.Then, Rikki had dug into her nest and crushed every egg but one, while the wife of Darzee, a wicked bird, had tricked her into leaving her young unguarded.He used this single egg to bait her, and have her watch as he  smashed it right in front of her… Arrogant Rikki had then lured her back into her ruined burrow, stained with blood and bits of shell. There they fought. Nagaina knew that no one could win in conditions such as this, so she had played dead. It wasn’t hard, her sadness had weighed her down anyways. Dull, blunt anger flashed through her, but she ignored it. She knew exactly where she was headed. Rumors of the birds moving in had given her new energy. But it was wearing off, and she was getting tired and weak. Nagaina was near ready to give up, but then a great shadow passed over her. A huge grayish bird descended awkwardly. It spread its neck feathers, but not too aggressively.

“Vat’s a snake like you doing out ‘ere at this ‘our? Couldn’t ya sense the marker?” the bird clicked, blinking at her with gray-brown eyes, its heavy accent startling. It’s mask was still quite yellow-ish; it couldn’t possibly be more than a couple years old. It stooped down to get a better look. Nagaina, taken aback, almost missed the opportunity,

“What, you’re not going to tear me apart?” she flicked her tongue, lowering her half-spread hood. The bird looked incredibly bored, if not amused.

“Oh, no. I couldn’t possibly. I don’t like the taste of you cobras. Too long, as vell. Besides, you look veather vorn enough, eh? No, not good at all. What brings you ‘ere, stranger?” It scratched at the ground absentmindedly, curling it’s talons. Well, I certainly got lucky… thought Nagaina. She explained the long story to the young bird, who nodded,

“Oh, ya, I ‘eard about that. Those ‘umans are crazy, blastin’ the snakes, collectin’ ‘em by the bulk. Seen pretty sensitive about the wildlife, those new ones… Food’s low, very low for some of us. Not bad ‘ere, for me.. ‘Bout time someone’s come over ‘ere.. So, you need ‘elp, ya? I can do that. ‘Tis be my pleasure.” Nagaina gratefully thanked the bird, whose name was Cleo, as she had found out. They began the short trek back home. It was easier with a friend to talk with.


Rikki stretched languidly, yawning luxuriously. His humans had set out food for him, his favorite kind, too. Ah, they were so kind. Why on earth would anything, even snakes, want to harm them? Oh, how lucky they were for Rikki to be here, killing those twisted brutes. Yes, he would do whatever they wanted, as he loved them so; a family united. He walked outside, the midday sun glaring back at him warmly. He blinked slowly, letting his eyes slowly adjust to the bright light of day. He thought back to all of the snakes he had slain, all the lives he had saved. Casually, he scratched an itch on his neck, his ears twitching. I am a true hero! Oh, how lucky the world is to have me!., he thought proudly. I have killed the wretched Nag, aided only by my master’s gun! I have killed a murderous generation to come, saving us all! Nagaina was soon to follow! She was foolish, her death quick! His gaze flicked to the high thorns, where his beloved friend Darzee was singing another one of his tunes. Noticing Rikki, he flitted down beside him, beaming,

“Rikki, Rikki, our famed hero! You had saved us, dear friend, us all, and we shall never forget, no- no-no! The terrors, the savage lot, are dead-dead-dead! Not a single one shall ever return, not ever! Not with you around, brave Rikki-Tikki-Tavi with eyes of red!” he sang, bobbing up and down. Rikki purred, still smug with his amazing feat. Yes, Darzee was right, never will a single snake ever terrorize his home again, not with him around! He froze, feeling a weird sensation as if someone was watching him, but he passed it off as Chuchundra, the woeful muskrat. He would talk to him later, tell him that the horrid serpents are gone, and all is fine again.

“Ah, yes. Hello, Darzee! It’s another beautiful day, isn’t it? Not to be ruined by any wretched beast! Tk, Tk, Tk,” he chuckled to himself, his bushy tail swishing behind him. Darzee bobbed his head in agreement, piping up again,

“Yes, yes, Rikki! Only you, the mongoose with eyeballs of flame, can see off brutes like those! You-you-you, guardian of the garden!” he chortled, hopping from foot to foot. Darzee was a talker, all song and no brain. Rikki loved him dearly, anyways, a good friend at heart. Rikki swelled with pride, who wouldn’t? Shaking out his fur, he thought ahead. Another glorious, carefree day. Ah, all the snakes in the world couldn’t ruin his fun today!


Nagaina blinked, staring round the corner of the bungalow, now brightly lit up in the darkness. They had been watching the enemy since noon, to gather information. Their  joyful lies almost made her sick… Now, soon, they will strike. Special care would be taken with the humans. No one would end today as Nag did that wretched night. She had already talked to a few trusted snakes, ones who would quickly get past the shock of her being alive. Nagaina knew of the underground nearby, a safe haven for the hunted. They would take care of Rikki’s family, hold them off. The two of them, snake and bird, would go into the garden at around midnight, Rikki’s most vulnerable time. Rikki would have no idea what was coming. She glared at him, prancing foolishly with his friends, oblivious to the danger nearby. Jackals bayed hungrily in the distance. The poor things were caught in the rebound of over-hunting. Cleo shook out her feathers, looking empathetically at Nagaina,

“Disgusting little things, aren’t they? I’ve always ‘ated those little rats of birds…Tailorbirds, ya?” she said, eyeing Darzee with calculating eyes. “Seem’s they’ve got a kink in the nest, anyway, idiot creatures. From what I’ve ‘eard, that pitiful chick woulda’ died anyway… Runt of the litter, mother prob’ly just wanted an excuse…,” she clucked disapprovingly, turning back to face her, “‘Tis a shame Nag, was it, got killed for it, eh?”, she shook her head slowly in sympathy, looking up at the sky, night had already fallen. “And what’s with this red-eye business?” Cleo spoke again, perhaps to brighten up the mood a bit, “Everyone knows that’s a common rumor… But when you’re talking about tailorbirds…” she trailed off, pricking her feathers. Nagaina turned sharply at the movement in the corner of her eye. Rikki was headed back to go inside. Now was her chance.  Let the games begin… She thought, silently slithering closer. She went face-to-face with Rikki, letting her hood expand, her long fangs bared. Rikki recoiled, letting out a startled tkk-tkk-tkk!

“Foolish rat!” she spat, her eyes glittering coldly, “Your blood shall be spilled in payment of the lost ones. We have taken what you hold most dear. Dead, dead, before you could do anything to help!” Nagaina  snarled, and she started to sway back and forth, anger rising up, her voice dripping with malice, pure and true hate, “Now you will die in vain, Rikki. Ha ha, fight, fight! Get up and fight! Look around you, mongoose,  you have no escape!” she shrieked, and flung herself at him, jaws open wide. He jumped back, just barely, her fangs grazing his flank. Rikki scrambled to his feet and quickly swung a blow at Nagaina. She shook it off, swelling with rage. She lunged again, hooking his ear. Rikki squirmed, his claws catching on her hood, drawing blood. Nagaina didn’t care, though, not anymore. Faster than any snake should be, she coiled herself again, and while Rikki was still in shock, she struck one last time, her fangs sinking deep into his neck. He screamed aloud, twisting and bucking madly in a desperate attempt to get the huge snake off him. Nagaina held on, black eyes glinting gleefully. The mongoose dropped to the ground, thrashing. Suddenly, the door burst open and the man came out, his gun gleaming in the moonlight. Nagaina shrunk back fearfully. In a flash, Cleo flung herself out of her hiding place, rasping harshly, and leaped at the man, knocking him down. With precise, unique skill, she gave him a good hard whack on his head and knocked him out. His head bled profusely from a gash, blood pooling across wooden porch. Inspecting her work, she clicked approvingly. She looked back at Nagaina,

Crrkkk! ‘E sure looks ugly now, eh?” Cleo said, turning to look at Rikki. Nagaina glanced back at the mongoose, who was convulsing on the ground, his mouth foaming, tinged with blood. The bite marks had turned an ugly color. He slowly froze up, the venom paralyzing him. Only his eyes, clouded with pain and co, were moving.

“You have tainted your kind’s reputation. Soon, they too, will be hunted, for whatever reason. Perhaps skins, like we were once. Look at all the damage they’ve done, anyways… All are destined to die…” Nagaina hissed half to herself, narrowing her eyes. “Have you ever heard of payback, mongoose?” Nagaina spit in his face and turned to face him fully, laughing bitterly, “Well, this is what it feels like. Wonderful concept, isn’t it? I find it hilarious, ‘The great Rikki-Tikki, guardian of the garden’ reduced to such a mess as this?” her lip curled spitefully. Nagaina continued angrily, reveling in his pain, “Look what you’ve done. Killing has consequences, doesn’t it? Maybe you should have thought before you committed genocide on the garden families…” she flicked the end of her tail casually, watching his breathing stutter. While it is true that Mongeese are incredibly resilient to venom, when faced with large amounts, it can be proven to be a deadly dose. Although the mother and child human had died rather quickly, Rikki would suffer for a while. For  once, the odds weren’t in his favor, and they never will be again. Other snakes gathered around to watch. They held their children, not sure if he would come back and kill them.


Rikki later died, but the entire time he felt only blinding pain. He watched as every single one of his friends and family died, and there was nothing he could do. He soon forgot what it was like to not be in constant pain. His breathing had finally failed, and he suffocated. After death, no one, not even a scavenger, would touch his body, knowing of the poison running through his failed veins.

The community was mystified, every person still wondering to this day what had happened to that poor family. Police suspected a freak accident with a rabid mongoose, and laws were passed that all mongeese were illegal as pets, and they were tagged as an invasive species after the fauna was inspected. Snake population flourished, and all was well again.

A particularly starved jackal had wiggled it’s way into the garden and eaten Chuchundra in his wretched sleep, his pained cries relished by Nagaina. Although he had done nothing, really, he was acquainted with that dreadful mongoose, and encouraged the death of her kind. The coppersmith, in his annoying splendor, was delightfully eaten by the snake rebels, who, along with the rest of the resistance, had stayed hidden through Rikki’s frightful rule of the garden. He would live no longer for any more lies to escape his fat beak. Scientists, intrigued by the stories, had taken Darzee and his wife to their lab. They had been studied on what had influenced such horrible singing, and how… uniquely weaved their nest was. Later investigations showed an odd mutation, a unique strain of tailorbirds, and it was noted how lucky they were to be alive. Such stupidity wouldn’t be tolerated in normal nature. They were separated to stop them from ‘continuing’ and ruining more innocent lives. It was a faulty gene. They lived in captivity for the rest of their lives, which turned out to be very short indeed, barely enough to reproduce anyways.

Cleo eventually went back to her den, but made sure to spread the news of returning food and peace. She and Nagaina made sure to ‘carefully’ inspect the house, just in case there was anything useful… Food, maybe bedding… They basically looted the whole place, although they were kind creatures, and they allowed the more unfortunate animals to do their own thing there, too. A truce had been called between secretary birds and cobras. Sensible mongeese went into hiding from human retaliation, their reputation tarnished. Shortly after, poor Nagaina, after completing her mission, slunk off and died of lack of purpose. She and Nag were happily reunited in a nice place somewhere in the dead realm.

-The End

Note: The original story (and most of the characters) belong to Rudyard Kipling, and we do not take credit for his work by any means.

This sequel of the story was written by the authors Anna Stromberg (main) & Margaret Claire McGuirk (Co.). This story was edited and proofread by Leeli Jackson.


Trapped (A Short Story)

By: Lily Long and edited by Ella Suh

TRAPPED is the start of a whole adventure, telling you the thrills, and strives for a little girl named Sarah. Sarah is different, some might say unusual, but once an invention changes her life, Sarah finds hope to get her out. Read on to find more about the amazing story of a lost girl.


Once there was a girl named Sarah, but that girl was different. She never had time to go to the mall, get her nails done, and she liked it that way. But the things that she loved were way different too. She liked creepy books and mysteries. She liked finding the answers to untelled secrets and she loved making new discoveries in the woods. In her school she was name called a nerd. She liked to go outside and well, think of things you never wouldn’t think of before.

Her house, well sometimes people would say her house is a shack. But she only lived with her mom and for her father? He went to sleep and never woke up. Well, that was what her mom said but Sarah didn’t really know the TRUTH.

In her house she had a room all to herself. No one EVER went in her room. But people at her school said that she was hiding something. Indeed she was. But that is a secret that no one should know.

People think that the secret is that she’s building something that will change her forever. Other people say that she just wanted to be noticed. But she was building something that was way different from what they said. Actually, she herself didn’t even know what she was building. But she knew it would change her and maybe her life forever.

She is building a dollhouse. But this was different from a normal dollhouse. When you touch the fireplace it turns you into a mini person but she did not know how she could build something that could do that yet.

Then the next day, she went to the garbage can and emptied out the garbage. She thought,

“I should get to work on my dollhouse.” So she did.

When she was working her mom came in and said,

“Whatcha working on honey?”

“Oh nothing Mom, it’s just something I’m building.”

“So how does it work?” asked her mom.

“Well I don’t know really,” she said.

So then as the mom was walking out of Sarah’s room, she tripped over a cord! As she fell, she hit a button and that button turned on the dollhouse and the dollhouse started shaking and rumbling and going all crazy and some parts of the dollhouse started exploding in all directions! Then one piece hit the the little girl and out of a blink of an eye she was gone.

Her mom heard the explosion and looked everywhere for her but she did not know that Sarah was standing right in front of her. But she was very very tiny.

She didn’t feel a thing but she knew that she was different. Very different. She was shrunken. She started panicking and worrying and thinking,

“Will I be small forever!? Will I have small children and a mouse husband!? Oh… this is bad. Ok calm down Sarah. I can just go to my mom and I think she’ll know what to do. Ok all I need to do is wave my arms. And so Sarah did.  

“Honey where are you?” asked the mom.

“Down here,” I said in a worried voice.

Then I thought, “Why does it have to be me? An important part of the family! Well kind of important, but not that recognized.”

“Man I’m hungry,” I said. “I wish I can eat. Well maybe I can! All I need to do is get down the stairs… maybe this might be hard after all.” I knew it was going to be hard, so I started using my brain. I started looking around and I found a big piece a rope (to me) but if I was human size, it would be a string of thread.

A little later, I found a human size shoe that was huge. So I took one end of the thread, and tied it to the shoe. Once I attached the thread to the shoe, I took the other side of the thread and I slowly let myself hang down the stairs. As soon as I took another leap to jump to another step, I stopped. I tugged and tugged. “What!” I said. Then I realised, the thread wasn’t long enough, and I wasn’t even on the last step! I was on the fourth to last step!

“Oh noooo,” I said. “I can’t go further! What am I going to do?” I said madly, yelling at the rope. I sat down on the last carpeted stair when I finally realized while looking at a window, it was almost dark. I yawned. “Better get to bed,” I said in a low tone. I stood up,, bent down and went to sleep.  

Morning comes…

 “Uh oh! I’m still in my real life nightmare. Great. Well at least it’s sunny out. Oh right, it’s just a lamp,” I said as I woke up. So then that day I started walking around with the shoelace around me thinking of ways to get to the kitchen. But one of my good ideas was coming my way. I could feel it in my bones. So I paced around for a long time until I decided to take off the shoelace.

Then I walked into a wide forest. “I’ve never seen one of these before! It must be a rug since this is where I last remembered where I had the rug,” I thought. “Wow, it’s cool in here! If I’m stuck small forever I’d like to live here,” I continued. Then I heard a rumble like an earthquake. “WAIT A SECOND! What’s that noise? It sounds like a herd of something! “Oh no… it-it’s my DOG! Uh…where can I hide? Oh! Over there! Look, there’s a gum wrapper so I can hide in it! I’m a genius!” I said to myself. So I ran over there as fast as I could. As soon as I jumped in the gum wrapper the ground started shaking and rumbling even more! I was so scared! Then I saw my dog’s paw from a distance. I’m just hoping he won’t step on me. But out of the blue, the ground stopped shaking.

“Hands, feet, head, and I’m alive! Where did my dog go?” I wondered and asked myself. Then I looked up and my dog was right there sniffing me and licking me. Even if I was small I knew one thing for a fact. I still love my dog.  “I LOVE YOU TOO BOY!” and I hugged and kissed my dog back. Then I said “Hey boy! Can I ride on you? Just for a favor… please? I promise I’ll give you extra kibble when I’m back to normal, okay?” I asked my dog. My dog barked happily and wagged his tail so I took that as a yes. Then I grabbed onto his fur and hopped on his back. “Ahh!” I screamed. “I hope I don’t fall off!” I continued. Then my dog suddenly stopped “Wait, is that my mom?” I thought to myself.

“Stop boy. You know you can’t run in the house,” said my mom sternly.

“Oh come on mom! I could’ve made it to the kitchen… wait a second! I’m in the kitchen! But on the bottom of the floor! But still in the kitchen. So how do I get up to the counter? I’m starving!” I complained.

The next day, I started looking for ways to get up to that counter top and eat something that would fill my small belly. But there was one eensy weensy problem. I didn’t know how to get up to the counter and I definitely didn’t have anything with me. No rope, no thread and definitely no ladder with me. Nothing! I have nothing. But the one thing I only had was my brain and it wasn’t responding to me because as some of you know, I don’t think well if I’m hungry. So I had to think really hard until… Ding! I had an idea! “I could climb up the old cracks in the kitchen drawers!” I thought. “It’s the perfect plan,” I said to myself. So then I ran to the closest crack between the kitchen drawers and started to climb. “Finally!” I muttered under my breath. “Now it’s time to eat! But what can I eat? Oh! How about bread or cookies or hot dogs or-” I asked myself. I was getting dizzy with my starvation so I started doing something random. And that random thing was yelling at the top of my lungs. “MOM! MOM MOM MOM! LOOK! I’M SUPER SMALL AND I DON’T WANT TO BE SMALL FOREVER. SO COME OVER HERE AND HELP ME!”

Right then I saw my mom sitting at the dinner table, eating pancakes which I really wanted right now.  Then my mom turned her head while I was screaming and looked right at me and shouted,


“Yes mom! Now can you help me? I’m STARVING!” I shouted back.

Then after my wonderful breakfast (which was really really small pancakes), my mom found a way to get me back to normal. Which was awesome! But then even before that, I started getting noticed around school and around town because my mom started telling the whole town about what had happened to me. At first, no-one believed her but after she reached into her pocket and showed everyone the me that was small before, everyone was so surprised, and I got a lot of attention! Then finally, my mom turned me back to normal! So thanks to me that I’m one lucky girl!

The End!


New Disney Movies!

Article by Stella B

Everyone LOVES Disney movies right? Well, get excited because all your favorite movies are coming out with MORE!

Here are some new Disney movies coming out:

  • Captain Marvel March 6 2019
  • Dumbo March 29, 2019
  • Adventures Endgame April 26 2019
  • Aladdin May 24 2019
  • Toy story 4 June 20 2019
  • The Lion King July 19 2019
  • Artemis Fowl August 9 2019
  • Frozen 2 November 27 2019
  • Star Wars Episode 9 December 20 2019
  • Mulan March March 27 2020
  • Maleficent 2 May 29 2020
  • Jungle Cruise July 24 2020
  • Indiana Jones July 9 2021

All About Lacrosse (post # 1 )

Article by: Ian S.  Edited by Kaci M.

I will be writing this weekly article about updates on everything lacrosse, from new equipment, to how the game is played, and some updates on the local lacrosse programs wins and losses.

Equipment Recommendations/New equipment:
STX Surgeon Chest pads are the new and improved STX Stallion Chest pads for the area of light chest pads because they don’t protect as much as regular chest pads so it allows you to be more free. I personally like the less protective pads because it allows you to play better. The reason I am recommending this, specifically, is that it is super protective where it is protecting. You get the best protection where it covers and you get that open feel of a light chest pad.

Chest pads (not the brand stated previously)




Lacrosse Teams:

If you are looking to join a lacrosse team and you’re not in college yet, then I would recommend Team One, even though there are a lot of other lacrosse programs. It is the lacrosse program I am apart of. If you’re in 7th or 8th grade, you would be in the 14 and under group. If you are in 5th or 6th grade, then you would be in the 12 and under age group which will show up on the Team One site as u12 and u14. You would then be able to try out next season, because there is a season that is still going on right now. If you want more details on joining, check out the Team One website.

Sports Advice:

This goes for all sports and it is just something to keep in mind. Before a practice that you know that you are going to be working hard and running a lot you might want to eat earlier so that your body has a chance to digest the food before you go to practice. This is so you don’t feel weird at practice.

How Local Teams Are Doing

For this segment, I am going to tell you about how Team One and North Shore United did in their games. The North Shore United Season hasn’t started, but once it starts I will give news about their games. Right now, Team One is currently playing but they aren’t having many games. This segment won’t have much information until there are more games and when there are games I will try to figure out all the information I can about it. I won’t be able to talk about all the information there is, because there is a boys team and a girls team for 5th and 6th grade, and there is a 4th grade team and a 3rd grade team. 3rd grade doesn’t really have games, because they are just learning how to do everything because third grade is when you can start Lacrosse for Team One, which is the same situation for the 4th graders I won’t be keeping track of their games.7th and 8th grade, 9th and 10th grade and 11th and 12th grade.

This is the end of this week’s article! I hope you enjoyed reading it and are excited about next week’s article. I had a lot of fun making this article, especially the equipment segment, and I look forward to making another next week.

Volleyball Tournament

Article by: Lily, Ella S., Ashley I. and Denise . Edited by Ella

Volleyball information
What: Volleyball tournament
When: February 1st, from 6:30 to 9:30
Where: Marie Murphy middle school
Why: To raise money for the 8th grade graduation!

The volleyball tournament was a fundraiser, organized by the 8th grade parents. All grades were allowed to participate in this amazing event. Teams were formed all around the school. Parents, siblings, and relatives were allowed to come and watch the students play. Please read on to find the results.


1st place: (8th) Teenage mutant ninja turtles
2nd place: (7th) Jo ballers
3rd Place (6th) uncle dan’s